Desert Horizons Web Toolbox

DH Quick Tools

Software for new hard drive
Best Freeware
Firefox Add-ons

TeamViewer for Remote Support Remote Support

TeamViewer for your online meeting Online Meeting

Search Engine Optimization
PHP info

Index of _build
Cars page
Edit CSV file in a form

HTML Tools

Color Schemer Online
Web forms quick reference
CSS 3.0 Maker
StyleShout templates
XML Sitemaps sitemap generator
DKIM Core Tools
Automatic Image Slider w/ CSS & jQuery
-- Create an Image Rotator with Description (CSS/jQuery)
Translucent slideshow Script
Ultimate Fade-in slideshow
Simple & Effective Captcha
Color Cube
Color Picker
16-Color Names
Extended Charater Codes

Design Ideas

Zen Garden
CSS Drive
Creattica design ideas
Design Bombs CSS Gallery
25 Magazine Style Designs

CSS How To

W3C CSS image gallery
Stu Nichols CSSplay
How to Style a Definition List with CSS
Form Layout using Definition Lists
Slayer Office
CSS: Hold the front page
Sensually Styled Definition Lists
-- CSS Layout with Columns of Equal Length
Making Modular Layout Systems


How to Remove Amazon Tracking Cookies
Ten CSS tricks you may not know
Creating Killer Web Sites
Web Developer's Virtual Library
Marica's Studio
Wilson Web
HTML Writer's Guild


PHP tutorials
Quick Calendar Using AJAX and PHP
PHP Quick Calendar Demo
Easy Databasing with SQLite
Create on-the-fly PDF with PHP


HTML, XHTML & CSS All-In-One for Dummies
-- Menus & buttons (Ch 3)
-- Horizontal menu
-- 3-column layout
Head First Web Design
RedCot Barn sample site (Build a Better Website)
O'Reilly Safari Books Online